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Size Hero – Emme

Den första sk ”full sized model” att nå supermodelstatus! 

”I am not shooting that fatty!” It was 1990 and, with those words, a worldrenowned fashion photographer walked out on the soon-to-be supermodel as she was being made up for her first assignment. Fighting back tears, Emme called her agent and the photographer unenthusiastically returned to complete his obligation for Vogue magazine. Six years later, after appearances on dozens of magazine covers and numerous accolades, Emme ran into the photographer again. This time, he went out of his way to introduce himself. Emme reminded him that they had already worked together and thanked him for a life lesson. “He taught me so much. If someone has an issue with your appearance, it’s a reflection on what they feel about themselves or their childhood. The sweetest revenge,” she laughed, “is living well.”

Emme bloggar hon också. Hennes blogg hittar du [här] hon har också en en tv-show som heter ”More to love” i USA.

Rekommendera gärna någon att bli MagBloggens Size Hero!



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